2017 First Lego League

Team : Hard 2 Overtake

Gerrit, Anna, Permeet, Matt, Colton, Jett, Ronak
Team mascot: Benett

Team info:
Monday Night Programming 6pm-8pm: Colt, Matt, Ronak

Tuesday Night Programming 6pm-8pm: Anna, Jett

Friday Night Programming 6pm-8pm: Gerrit and Permeet

For 6th meeting.  Pictures for Project Board.  Stuff that describes you.  
Work on the "About me board"
Work on the "Project Board"

5th meeting: Got working on new project idea, got working on the "About me board"
Came up with a design layout for our "About me Board"

4th meeting: Gerrit and Permeet will have the base robot built
Pick a t-shirt, start programming missions, identify a problem in the water cycle.

2nd, 3rd Meeting Night is Wednesday, Sept. 27, 6:00 until 8:00ish (Pizza)

Agenda: Team name, Team logo, Group Pic, t-shirt design and sizes, team building project, finish building mission models, basic programming, answer questions, individual programming nights, Talk about project, have fun.

First meeting Sept. 20, 2017 6:00 until 8:30ish
Watch Season Intro Videos, Team Building Excersise, Level the Lego Table
Build Mission Models

Team meeting will be on Wednesday evening at 6:00pm until 8:00pm.

Individual Programming Nights: TBD

Team Strategy:
Robot Design : 3 robots will be identically constructed
Navigation Team : 2 students will program the robot to arrive at each designated location on the play field
Model Engineers : 2 students will devise ways to solve each mission model

Qualifier Tournament : Saturday Dec. 16

Dear FLL teams,

A few notes for the upcoming tournament held at Hamilton High School, Saturday, December 16th:

 *Here is a tentative schedule, a more finalized schedule will come out Friday. 

7:30 am - Team Check-in Meeting

8:15 am - Coaches’ Meeting with Head Ref

8:45 am - Opening Ceremony

9:00 am – Begin of Qualification Matches

9:00 am to 12 pm -- Judging Session

1:00 pm - Mentor Nomination Form due (to pit admin)

2:30 pm - End of Qualification Matches

3:00 pm - Highest Scoring Round

3:30 pm - Awards Ceremony

Our plan is to have judging done prior to official matches.  And then awards ready 1 hour after the last match.  

Match & Judging Scheduling:

I will have the match and judging schedule shortly. All judging will happen in the morning.

Food:There will not be food sold at the event. There will be a place to eat if teams bring in food. There are numerous food options within walking distance of the school. 

Parking:Park on the south side of the school, and enter through the east side. You may want to drop off the robot and teams and then go park. 

What to bring: 

1.  **Printed Team Roster from FIRST website**

2.  **Team Information Sheets (Four [4] copies)**  

Robot, attachments, extra parts

Fresh batteries/spare batteries/rechargeable battery charger

Computer and battery (if available) and power cord

USB download cable (Bluetooth use is NOT permitted at the tournament!)

Extension cord and power strip

Box to carry Robot to competition field

Bin to hold personal and team items (coats, games, etc.) to fit under Pit table

Project judging materials, props, and displays

*Core Values Poster

Graphics demonstrating programming strategy for Robot Design Judging

Team games or activities for downtimes (optional)

Team Banner or poster to carry for ceremonies or for Pit space (optional)

Team Giveaways (optional)

There are four sections at the tournament that our team is scored on.
1.) Table Runs (The robot game) typically we get 4 table runs.
2.) Project Presentation
3.) Demonstrate how we operate as a team in the team building competition.
4.) We will have to present our robot and the robot design to a panel of judges.











The FLL 2017 Project

YouTube Video

The Robot Game

YouTube Video

FLL Core Values

Programming Tips

YouTube Video

 Accurate Placement of the Robot