Rite Wing Spec build notes

From Hugos pod cast...his V2 Spec = 598 grams
Shoot for 550gram in my build.
Need a template for the build.
No Graphene Batteries, no HV (High Voltage)
at least 30amp ESC
ABS for motor mount, not PLA or Aluminum
Hugo uses Welder glue, Chris likes CA

From Hugo's post on July 30, 2018 after the Commonwealth games

Just finalized with Marc of FPVWRA regarding the Ritewing SpecWing V1, V2 Limited and V2.

The V1's will remain as is and pass tech inspection, but it's your responsibility to make sure you measure for the tolerances. The main one is the wingspan, it must be 36.5" to allow for the 11.5" sweep. If for any reason you cut it down to bring it to the minimum allowed, you will fail because of the sweep. The other will be the correct elevon cut, Kevin Pratt or John Kennedy can assist if needed.

The V2 Limited (just released) cut with the gray drak foam will pass tech inspection simply by adding 1/4" to the tip to bring the aircraft to 36.5" to get the 11.5" sweep, this goes the same for the black prototype Rotor Ranch. If you have another idea let me know, if you maintain 36" wingspan that sweep HAS to be at 11.5". Cut your elevons tapered towards the motor, but it does not have to be 3/8" like on the V1 Spec, mine are 3/4" tapered. If you need an exact template I will see what I can do, just hit me via PM.

The RiteSpec V2, this will be the final revision and will ONLY come in white foam whether Chris will cut them out of 1.3lb or 1.9lb but Marc requested not to have multiple types of kits please. This frame will come with a 36" wingspan, 11.75" sweep, 8.75" root chord, .75' at the tip and 1.25" at the center thickness. As for the wingtip measurement it cannot exceed 6.25" so the elevon has to be cut to make this measurement. The RiteSpec V2 will also be sold from the FPVWRA store but before it gets the actual sticker and become Official Chris needs to ship Marc a kit so he can confirm everything.

Fellas, measure your airframe and this goes for VAS and TBRC owners as well because any variation outside of the tolerances and you WILL fail and you will NOT race.

Spec Class racing is by far the best racing, I can speak for many and we will all agree that it's competitive, exciting but also fun seeing many of us racing eachother so tight.

The key to your build is BUILD it light!


Wingspan: 36" +/- 1/2" Does not include winglets
Airfoil: NACA 0014
Wing sweep: 12" +/- 1/2"
Chord: central- 9", tip- 6" +/- 1/2" (includes elevons!)
Root Chord thickness: 1.5" +/-1/4"
Tip Chord thickness: 1" +/-1/4"
Elevons: balsa or foam
Material: EPP, EPS, EPO, fan fold foam, or foam board (Foam board should be formed to airfoil requirements) 
Motor: Cobra CP-2210 2200kv Motor
Turnigy D2826-6 2200kv Motor (temporary addition until more suitable addition is found or pilots vote in October to keep in the line up)
Battery:3s 2200 (Max Charge 4.2V per Cell)
VTX: 200 mW 5.8GHz w/ raceband
Vertical stabilizers: Winglets ONLY (new for 2018 season)
Winglets: ABS, coroplast, or foam
Servos and ESC: pilots choice
Prop:Cobra Motor- APC 6X4, Turnigy Motor- APC 6X5.5E
Spars: manufacturers choice not less than 1/2" behind leading edge Flight Controller:FC/gyros are not permitted

 RMRC FPV Fest Wing Race info

Link to RMRC FPV fest info

Fixed Wing Racing

Sign Ups - We will begin sign-ups on Thursday and qualifiers will take place Friday morning at 8am. Finals will be Saturday at 8am.

Frequencies - All of the main frequencies will be available for the fixed wing race. Because of this, free flight will not be allowed during this time. To allow 900MHz video, RC control will only be allowed on 2.4GHz and 433MHz. (TBS Crossfire is allowed, but you will also need the 900 tag)

Classes - We will have 2 classes available for fixed wing racing. We would love to have more, but this event is more than just racing and time is limited. It is intended to be a fun event with some nice prizes. No whining allowed!

  • Open: Any fixed wing aircraft
  • FPVWRA Spec

Prizes - For each class: 1st - $100 RMRC Certificate 2nd - $50 RMRC Certificate 3rd - $25 RMRC Certificate