Grants and Sponsorships

This is a good place to start when seeking out grant or sponsorship information.

The following list are companies that routinely support STEM programs with grants.
Click the links below to find out more information about the grant process from each company.


Regeneron Science Talent Search


How to approach a company, a small business, or an individual about sponsoring one of our programs.

The purpose of soliciting a business or an individual for supporting one of our projects with a sponsorship is to help us as a group receive the funding that we need to invest into our projects.  The best way to do this is to start with people you know in the community.  Let them know what the project is that you are working on.  Let them know that their "sponsorship" is tax deductible, and will help us raise the funds necessary to help support our project.  In return for their sponsorship, their name or company logo will be displayed on the project web-page and on the bottom side of the wing of the solar UAV. 

If someone of a company sponsors our projects, let them know that they can make their check out to "XXXX".
Their check gets deposited into the schools STEM account which we draw from as we need funds.
Minimum sponsorship purchase is $50.00

Donations are almost exactly like sponsorship's.  The difference between a sponsorship and a donation is a donation can be any amount of money, where as to purchase a sponsorship cost as certain dollar amount.  The process for soliciting a donation is the same as soliciting someone for a sponsorship.