High Altitude UAV/UAS Spec

The design "spec" for your aircraft.

Overall gross vehicle weight (take off weight) : 8lbs., 3628g or less.  
The flying weight of your teams UAV can weigh no more than this.

Airframe : your teams choice, no restrictions, should be foam construction
Motor, esc, prop, servos, camera, video tx, OSD and control receiver: your teams choice, no restrictions

Video Transmitter : 1.3ghz, no more than 800mw
Video Tx Frequencies, each team may use one or both U.S. legal Frequencies 
CH9 : 1280MHZ
CHd : 1258MHZ

Control system : must use Dragonlink

OSD : Your teams choice

Flight Control : Eagle Tree Vector, Pixhawk, your teams choice.
The Eagle Tree Vector is already approved by the FAA in the program letter/safety checklist.

Battery or batteries: no restrictions

Must have 3 installed GPS systems.
1) GPS system used by the Vector or Pixhawk is primary.
2) APRS system : must have an APRS GPS transmitter, set to transmit every 60 seconds.
I use Bill Browns APRS. Bill Brown APRS
3) Dog tracker or other similar device

HD camera : optional, up to your team to decide whether or not to use
Your team will need to purchase the weather balloon that is capable of towing your aircraft to altitude
I will post a youtube video about how to decide what balloon to use and how much helium
I will purchase all of the helium needed for all of the teams, reimburse me when we meet in New Mexico.

I will help each team with their FAA certification of their aircraft.  
FAA certification will take place on Friday, June 7th

Make sure to apply to Guinness Book of World Records.

I will provide a ground station for the event if your team wishes to utilize it.
The ground station consist of the following.
1.3ghz Gataling Antenna 
1.3ghz Mad Mushroom
Eagle Eyes diversity receiver
multiple monitors for FPV viewing
Dragonlink control transmitter which can be paired with any Spektrum radio.