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First Lego League 2014

Tournament Feed Back

Lego Fusion

Halo Bricks


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And their off....................
The Kids got busy working on their First Lego League Challenge.
Lego Fusion
The team members are...
Jake, Nick,Cody, Anna, and Luke
Halo Bricks
The the team members are...
Gerrit, Finn, Kai, Aiden, Hayden, Trevor

Nov 3, 2014
Homework for all kids.  This homework is due Next Wednesday Nov 12.  We will have all the kids meet next Wednesday, to go over this homework and to integrate it into our presentation.

HOMEWORK....Everyone needs to look into the history of learning.  From the caveman to modern day...what have been the different methods of learning?  We already came up with the idea that cavemen primarily learned through "Trial and Error"...Now the kids need to come up with all the methods that helped people learn. Some examples...the computer, Google, You tube, Chalk board, the library, Teachers, facilitators, professionals, the printing press, etc, etc....

Also how do People learn?  

What are the laws of learning?

So brainstorm here use the internet, use books, do whatever it takes to come up with the methods used through history that helped people learn.  We need examples of new learning from every period of time through the history of mankind.  This is something for you and your child to work on.  

For next meeting  each child needs to come up with a list of 10 ways or methods of learning through history that have helped people learn.  (None of the examples above count). Use the interent, books, whatever you need to find out this information.  Email me whatever you and your child discover.

A paragraph about how people learn.

Explain the different laws of learning. Write each law out with an explanation.  

Oct. 23, 2014
Halo Fusion running one of their programs.....

YouTube Video

Oct. 15, 2014
The kids are definitely making progress.  They are fine tuning their abilities to program the robots.
Both teams have started writing their scripts for their skits.
Anna and Luke are writing the script for Lego Fusion.
Gerrit, Finn and Kai are writing the script for Halo Bricks.
Nick and Trevor have designed t-shirts for each team.
Trevor, Hayden, Aiden, Jake and Cody have been programming.
Tonight we did a team building game where the kids had to work in pairs to build a tower out of marshmallows and spaghetti.  They had 10 minutes to build a structure as tall as they could.  Below are pictures from tonight.  If anything the game was fun and tasty...
Lego Fusion....They decided to go with a force feedback device.  The force feedback device would be logic programmed into any device to help teach a user how to operate that device.  They will be demonstrating their new invention with am RC airplane (Quad Copter) skit.  Really good idea kids!  Anna and Luke started writing the script for their skit.  

Halo Bricks came up with the idea of contacts, paired with a headset and microphone, that when worn together would help the user learn something new.  They will be deomstrating how their new product could be used to teach someone how to play and win at paintball.

So going forward....

Monday nights (4:30 until 6:30)...Aiden, Gerrit and Finn will program the robots.
Tuesday nights.(4:30 until 6:30)..Trevor, Hayden, and Kai will program.
Wedensday nights (4:30 until 6:30) ...We will start alternating our meeting on Wednesday between Halo Bricks and Lego Fusion...There is really not a need for everyone to meet on Wednesdays any longer.  On Wednesday nights we will concentrate on the skits, and some programming.
Thursday (4:30 until 6:30) ...Jake, Anna, Nick, Cody and Luke will program.














The Teams
Team 1


Team 2 

The Robot Game Video (About the Field Game and the Mission Models)