New to RC?

If you are joining us at "Taking Flight 2019" and this is your first experience as a new RC flyer, teacher, student or parent....Do not worry, we got you covered.

The event will have volunteers available for all of the following ...

-General questions about the hobby
-Help guide you toward a fun first time RC flyer
-Help you learn to fly
-Help you or your student build his first airplane
-Help you fly and use your new RC airplane purchase or if you choose to build an RC airplane
at the event, our volunteers will help you through the whole process

RC, where to start? Flying and building Radio Controlled (RC) airplanes is a hugely popular hobby. There are many types of airplanes out there to choose from, but the best way to start out is with something simple, slow flying and stable. There are plenty of ready to fly airplanes on the market today and only require a couple of minutes to assemble. (Apprentice and Delta Ray). The Apprentice...Great flying and fun first time airplane. The Delta Ray One ... Great trainer airplaner for first time flyers, great for landing on grass surfaces.

After the airplane is built and the batteries are charged, it's time to find a suitable location to fly with no obstacles to get in your way. Try and find a nice open field with no one around that you could possibly hit. Choose a day what has little to now wind. If you find yourself flying in the wind, point the nose of the airplane directly into the wind for takeoff and landing. 

What does the controller (aka transmitter) do? 
There are two sticks and if you have everything set up correctly, the left stick will control the motor speed and the right stick will control up and down and left and right. The key to flying is small intentional movements. The worst thing you can do, is frantically move the sticks around when your flying. You will become disoriented and more than likely crash. Start out making large circles or patterns around the field. Note than when the airplane flies towards you the controls will feel backwards but they really aren't. Try an avoid flying straight towards yourself until you are feeling comfortable with the controls.  Keep your flights relatively short until you figure out how long your battery will last. Typically setting a timer for five minutes will work to start off.

For more information ... Beginners Guide to RC airplanes

Guided Build Information.

The guided build sessions are 90 minute long and an instructor will guide the students through the build process
This is for students in 5th through 12th grade. Students will learn some basics about the "Physics of Flight".  
The price includes the basic foam kit and (2) servos. 
Motor and electronics will be available for purchase or for those on a budget we will have loaner electronics for the students to use.
After the students build their RC airplane, they will have the opportunity to fly their RC airplane 
with the guidance of an instructor pilot.

This is the airplane that the students will build during the guided build sessions.
Might Mini-Tiny Trainer
Here is how to purchase tickets for the guided build sessions. 
 Ticket quantities are limited to 20 students per build session