Payne Junior High RC club

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Payne Junior High RC Club

President : Gerrit Kaup
Vice President : Jett Peterfreund
First Club Meeting : Wed, Oct 25 afterschool
Where : Mrs. LeBarons classroom (E39)
How Long: 1hr. meeting will end at 5:15

Recommended first time RC airplanes and Quadcopters

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  • This is a club where you can go after school and have fun with RC planes, quads, and cars.
  • some things our club might do: we will be using RC cars, planes, and quads; we will learn how to use the controller and how to use the RC vehicle; we will race quads and cars; and do some cool builds and some cool projects.
  • What kind of RC things can I bring:  you can bring anything that would be considered a "park flyer" meaning a medium or smaller plane/quad and you can bring any RC car you want.
  • Do i have to bring something:  you don't need to bring anything, we have quads, planes, and one car that you can use.
  • Your RC vehicle can be stored in Mrs. Lebarons locked storage area in her classroom.

Club Videos and Pictures....

Some examples of RC airplane, Quads, and Cars or Trucks...

Ready to fly ...
Tiny Whoop  Blade F27 Micro FPV
     Tiny Whoop                     Blade F27

  FT Tiny Trainer                         FT Mighty Mini

Cool Videos....

Tiny Whoops 

Flite Test Stem

Tiny Whoop Build

If you want to reverse prop direction here is the CLI command: set yaw_motor_direction = -1
Inductrix Frame Frame links

Motors: FC: AIO VTX/Canopy: Props: Lipo Pigtail: Lipo: Everyone likes their PIDs a little different but these will give you a good start. Roll 85 31 47 Pitch 85 31 47 Yaw 185 45 Super Rate: 0.75 *VERY IMPORTANT* RC Rate, Roll/Pitch: 1.00, Yaw: 1.25 Roll/Pitch Expo: 0.55