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This web-page is devoted to the homeowners of Burton Township who are concerned about double digit growth in our property tax assessments that are affecting our properties for TY2015.
Our property taxes have gotten out of control and now its time to say enough.



Article from Saturday, Nov 5th, 2015

Link to the video of the meeting

Article from Wednesday, Nov 4th, 2015

My thoughts about the problem......

At the end of the day folks, we live in the broke state of Illinois.  Property taxes are going to go up for the foreseeable future, as the state shifts financial obligations onto the local governments (Counties, Cities and Villages).  Your property tax bill represents the cost of living in your community.  The state has played games with finances over the past 30 years, we are now paying for those games.  The solution to the problem is not pretty for anyone.  It means taxes will continue to rise for everyone who lives and works in the state of Illinois, negotiated benefits for public unions will decrease, and the bond holders will eventually get a haircut.
The state is issuing IOU's for lottery winners.  For TY 2015, if you are to receive a state income tax refund, you might just get an IOU as well.  The day of reckoning is here for our state.  It forces us homeowners to vote with our feet and leave the state.  There is no palatable way out of this financial mess the state finds itself in.  There are more additions coming to your property tax bill in the future. 
I feel sorry for our current elected officials who are trying to solve the issues, none of the solutions will make anyone happy, and all of the solutions will negatively effect all citizens of Illinois.....

I have been told by our assessor, that our assessments needed to go up because of "past mistakes made by the previous township assessor and the Board of Review".  So I guess now us tax payers and homeowners in Illinois are going to pay for the mistakes of the previous generation of lawmakers, assessors and county boards, it is becoming a never ending cycle of mistakes. 

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Burton Township Assessors web-site

Illinois Financial ranking against the other 50 states

Illinois Policy, a great way to stay in touch with the shenanigans 
that take place in Springfield.

Some more dismal information about the state of Illinois

Why are property taxes so high in Illinois?

Heat Map of the 
"Effective Property Tax Rate per $1000 of home value".
Use the calculator below to calculate your effective tax rate.
How to use the information in the article below to calculate 
what your effective property tax rates are per $1000 of value.
First you need to know what you could sell your house for.  lets say $460,000
Next you need to know your property taxes for the year. lets say $13,616
divide the selling price of your home by $1000.  So in our example $460,000/$1000 = 460
Now take your taxes and divide by that number
$13,616 / 460 = $29.60
What does this number represent?  This $29.60 is the amount in taxes you pay per $1000 value of your house.
The National average is around $15 per $1000 of value.
New jersey has an highest average in the country of $29 per $1000 of value.

Now take your effective property tax rate from the calculation above to compare yourself to the heat map below.

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4000sq ft to 5000sqft house in Burton Township.

Sales in the past 2 years (5340sq ft to 3800sq ft), (05)Burton, (09)McHenry and (04)Richmond Township

3500sq ft to 4000sq ft in Burton Township 

Sales in the past 2 years (2922sq ft to 3800sq ft),  (05)Burton, (09)McHenry and (04)Richmond Township

3000sq ft to 3500sq ft in Burton Township

2500sq ft to 300sq ft in Burton Township

Sales in the past 2 years (2347sq ft to 2920sq ft),  (05)Burton, (09)McHenry and (04)Richmond Township

2000sq ft to 2500sq ft in Burton Township

Sales in the past 2 years (2000sq ft to 22566sq ft),  (05)Burton, (09)McHenry and (04)Richmond Township

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What do homeowners of other states pay in property taxes?  Lets take a look.
This study was conducted by "Minnesota Center for fiscal Excellence"
This table is for a property valued at $300,000 for the selected areas they choose for the study.
Click on the image below for the full study

Some comparisons, homes valued at $300,000, and comparable schools.  
I also included the sales tax rates in the respective state.
I would include State Income Tax Rates, but that can be so varied depending on your household situation.

House in Spring Grove, IL
Property Taxes
TY2014 ... $10,750
TY2015 ... $10,649

Illinois collects taxes for the past year.

State Sales Tax Rate
6.25% to 10.25%
(10.25% is the highest in the country)

House in Gilbert, AZ

Property Taxes
TY2015 ... $1731
TY2016  ... $1818

AZ collects taxes going into
the year.

StateSales Tax Rate
6.0% to 7.6% 

 House in Franklin, TN

Property Taxes
TY2013 tax bill ... $1576
TY2014 tax bill ... $1595

TY 2015 not available yet

State Sales Tax Rate

House in Twin Lakes, WI

Property Taxes
TY2014 ... $4595
TY2013 ... $4604

State Sales Tax Rate 
5.0% to 5.6%

House in Orland Park, IL

Property Taxes
TY2014 ... $5577
TY2013 ... $5535

State Sales Tax Rate 
6.25% to 10.25%
(10.25% is the highest in the country)
House in Grayslake, IL

Property Taxes
TY2013 ... $10358
TY2012 ... $10280

State Sales Tax Rate 
6.25% to 10.25%
(10.25% is the highest in the country)
House in Escondido, CA
Property Taxes
TY2014 ... $2386
TY2013 ... $2312

State Sales Tax Rate
7.5% to 10.00%

House in Waukee, IO
(Des Moines)
Property Taxes
TY2015 ... (Estimate) $4800
New Construction

State Sales Tax Rate
6.0% to 7.0%
House in Fishers, IN
Property Taxes
TY2013 ... $2643
TY2012 ... $2614

State Sales Tax Rate

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