Remote ID NPRM

Remote ID: Day of Action Monday, March 2nd

On or before Monday March 2nd, 2020, 
please send your comment on or before that date to the FAA.  

Fill out the Flite Test survey here..

On Monday, March 2nd, 2020, please send a note to your locally elected 
congressional rep and you senator.

Use this page to educate yourself about the FAA NPRM requiring UAV/UAS to have a remote ID system installed. 

UAV/UAS is a catch all phrase to include anything over .5LBS that is remotely controlled (RC) 
or autonomous that is designed to use airspace.

Congress has directed the FAA to implement Remote ID requirements on basically anything that is remotely controlled and capable of flying.  
For RC airplane/multi-rotor hobbyist this is just about everything we fly.  
This rule will have a stiffing effect on the hobby if it is implemented as written.  
The FAA has given us until March 2nd, 2020 to submit a comment with regard to the Remote ID requirement.

Comment Recommendations

1.   Do not copy and paste from somewhere else.

2. Make it personal but not emotional. Let them know how you enjoy recreational flying and how the proposed rules impact your life and the people around you.

3. What type of pilot are you? What aircraft do you fly? be specific - describe it what you fly and how you fly it.

5. Where do you fly? Is it at a fixed flying site? How far are you from a model field? Either give the location or just give a general description of what it is like and why you fly there. This will help give the FAA context as to how and where recreational flying is taking place.

6.  Propose that people should have alternatives to comply with remote ID.

    1. Broadcast Solution - Basically equip aircraft with an inexpensive Bluetooth or wifi module that would broadcast out an identification number and your identity would remain private.

    2. App-Based Solution - An app where Pilots could publically identify where they are operating their recreational models.

    3. Network ID Solution  - This is where your aircraft will need to be equipped with a telecom chip that will broadcast all flight data globally for each flight.

FAA: Federal Aviation Administration
UAV/UAS: Un-manned Air Vehicle, Un-manned Air System
RID: Remote Identification
RC: Remote Control

Here are some example letters or comments:


As of Feb 12, 2020 there are 12,000 comments.  
We need at least 25,000 comments by March 2nd, 2020

As of Feb 16, 2020 there are 15,051 comments.

As of Feb 28, there were 31,468 comments