SGE/NMS 2015

Thank you to our 2015 Sponsors:

 The Webb Family, The Moeller Family,
The Hillier Family, The Miltimore Family, The Kottke Family,
The Duex Family, The Hansen Family, The Herrera Family, 
The Brunadi Family, The Coen Family, The Pruitt Family, James Stieve
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The SGE PTO and the NMS PTO

SGE and NMS will be apart of the Global Space Balloon Challenge...
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Conceptual Video for the NMS 2015 project

The Nippersink Middle School has 4 missions planned.  

Each mission has the exact same goal, but it will be up to the students as to how we achieve each mission.

The Mission overview for Nippersink Middles School.

Tow an Rc Airplane to 100,000ft, release the aircraft and fly it back to a designated location.  Different air-frames will be considered for this project. 

Team # 1 "Humpty Dumpty" ... Vehicle Name : "Beat"

Team # 2 "Shadow Riders" ... Vehicle Name : "Shadow Dragon"

Team # 3 "Flygt Höyt" ... Vehicle Name : "Humpty Dumpty 4.0"

Team # 4 "Dauntless" ... Vehicle Name "Rumplestilltskin"

Team Dauntless

YouTube Video

SGE 2015

Drop Test results

Mission 1
Ms. Moeller
Project name: "Rockin Rockets"
International Partner : "e3SpaceProgram" from Moscow


March 16th, 2015...Remotely fired rockets.

Test Fire an Estes Rocket engine (or multiple rocket engines) as we climb to an altitude of 100,000ft.  Remotely control the test ignitions.  Live video feed back to the school so the students can view the test ignitions as they take place,  Kids will remotely ignite each rocket engine at several designated altitudes.  This is a precursor for our summer science project.  

Conceptual Video for Mission 1

Mission 2 
Ms. Kottke
Project Name: MP3 Impossible
International Partner : USFQ Dragons from Equador

Send an MP3 music player up to 100,000, explore how air density affects how sound travels, capture pictures, gather atmospheric data, have the kids design an unconventional method of getting our payload back to earth.




 Mission 3 
Ms. Christiansen
Project Name: "C-15"

International Partner : e3SpaceProgram from London

Tow an RvJet up to 100,000 ft, glide it back to the school, kids will become virtual shuttle pilots, kids will experience what shuttle pilots encounter during re-entry into earths atmosphere, kids will take turns flying the RvJet back to the school (or as close as possible).

Coceptual Video for Mission 3

Global Space Balloon Challenge Friends....