Sponsors and Sponsor Information

We are seeking sponsors for this event.  
How can you or your company sponsor this event?  
By purchasing any of the items listed below.
contact Paul Kaup if interested or if you have any questions ... *email me*

What we need...feel free to purchase smaller quantities of each item for us and the kids.  I will update the quantities needed as orders come in.  Thank you for your support.

(4) 10X10 or 12X12 canopy tents.  A sponsor could purchase these for the club, or a sponsor could rent these tents for us. 

or if interested you could purchase a canopy with you companies logo on it for use at the event and for other club activities.

(50) hot glue guns ... Hot Glue Gun

(6) hot glue sticks ... Hot Glue Sticks

(4) 99% Rubbing Alcohol ... Rubbing Alcohol

(50) Utility Knifes ... Utility Knife

(80) foam gliders from Flite Test ... FT Glider

(18) Power strips with USB ports ... Power Strips

(500) balsa gliders with your company logo (and STEM+C logo) ... Balsa Gliders with Logo

In return for being an event sponsor you or your company will be recognized the following ways.

Logo or name on the event Web-site
Logo or name recognition in the event recap video
Logo or name will be printed on the back of the volunteers T-shirt
Volunteer T-shirt