Strato Journey

STEM+C (not for profit) is seeking sponsors for this project.  

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Sponsors who contribute $500 will have their company logo
placed on the UAV's used in this project, you will receive recognition here on the web-site,
and you will receive recognition in the recap video.

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The students and I thank you for your support.

October 12-13, 2019 at Spaceport America, NM

This event is designed to bring together students, hobbyist, professionals, and educators to one location
 for the ultimate aerospace STEM experience.  
The event will allow people of similar interest to interact and share experiences.
You are cordially invited to join us at Spaceport America in October of 2019.

Slot allocation for each team

SLOT 1 ... Paul Kaup (Richmond/Burton IL)

SLOT 2 ... Paul Kaup (Gilbert AZ)

SLOT 3 ... Travis Palmer (Team Icarus)
Web-page ... Team Icarus
SLOT 4 ... (Open team slot)

SLOT 5 ... Perry High School

SLOT 6 ... Eric Gerver (Team Stratohawk)

The Exemption request was filed on Oct 19, 2018
Link to the request.

The exemption request was approved on April 12, 2019

UAV resgistration

The weather and winds aloft page 

This event is very fluid.  I will post several youtube videos discussing some of the design constraints.
Please contact me with any questions.
This project will launch us to the 2020 project...

Here is a really good video showing you what to expect.

YouTube Video

You airplane and systems installed ... $1000 - $1400
3000g weather balloon ... $400
Helium (350cu ft) ... $150-$200 (depends on pricing)
Travel expenses to Spaceport ... depends on your team
Lodging Expenses ... $80/night

Raising Funds

We have typically raised funds through various means.
Grants ... If you are working with students, there are many organizations which you can apply for grant money


link to the 2017 Spaceport America project: Spaceport America 2017