Sun Powered Model 3

Paul's Model 3
Powered by the SUN...

Fuel Economy Info at

EPA Fuel Economy, 1 gallon of gasoline = 33.7kWh

Tesla Model 3 gets 100 miles/26 KiloWattHours
MPGE (Miles Per Gallon Equivalent) = 136mpg City, 123mpg Highway
310 mile range on a full electric charge.
The average vehicle in 2017 gets 27mpg

If you drive 10,000 miles and gasoline cost $2.30/gallon
10,000miles/27mpg = 371 gallons of gasoline per year
371 gallons of gasoline X $2.30/Gallon = $853.30
You will pay $853.30 to the Gas Station to fuel your vehicle.

If you drive 10,000 miles and your electric rate is $.08/KiloWattHour
You will use 2600kWh in one year of driving
at $.08/kWh it will cost you $208/year 
You will pay $208 per year to your electric company to power your Model 3

How much does it cost to setup a Solar Power System to power your Model 3

The model 3 consumes 26kWh per 100miles

If you drive 25 miles per day, you will consume 6.5kWh per day
So you will need to fuel up your Model 3 with 6.5kWh per day of Solar Energy.
We will need to produce 8.6kWh per day due to inherent loss of energy.
You will need to produce 2373kWh of solar energy from you solar panel system.
In Gilbert AZ ...we reliably receive 6.7 hours per day of Solar Energy
Maxeon Solar Panels (X Series) = deliver 335 watts of energy
1 panel will produce, 335w X 6.7hours/day = 2.2kWh/day
If you need 8.6kWh per day then 
8.6kWh/2.2kWhper panel
3.9 solar panels or 4 solar panels to power your Tesla Model 3

Solar rules of thumb...
To determine how many Watts you will get out of a panel per day in the PHX area.
Take the rated wattage of the panel and multiply by 4.
If your using 300w panels.
300w X 4 = 1200 watts per day per panel.

Cost to install the Solar Power System to power your Tesla Model 3
(Coming soon)