Taking Flight April 13,14 2019

Only need to register as a pilot if you are an AMA member.

20 tickets available

20 tickets available

A big thank you to Arizona Model Aviators for hosting our event!!!

Sanctioned by the Academy of Model Aeronautics #7570

Vendor List
Nick  D

Alan and Mike



Food Vendor List
Garys Desert Dogs

Coordinator and Volunteer information

FPV Quad Copter Coordinator
Anthony Knight ... aka AyyyKayyy FPV

Fixed Wing FPV Coordinator
James Bruno and Shawn Quinn

Vendor Coordinator

Garys Desert Dogs
Kettle Corn Guy

General Build Area Coordinator
Paul Kaup

Commercial UAV Demo
Kevin Garland

Helicopter Demo
John Serio, J.C. Zankl

3D Demo 

Kevin Garland, Andrew Goldberg, Frank Mclaughlin

Youth and Education, Model Aviation Group ... "Aviation Craft Build"


   Foam Picnic Plate Aircraft Models and Stomp Rockets 


Too many to list....

Volunteer and Coordinator T-shirts (Sponsors on the back)

Here is a link to the Spaceport 2019 project.  This is what the money raised will be used for.